What if fruits & vegetables could be a fluffy, delicious breakfast treat?

Better yet, let's do it without butter, sugar or eggs, so more people can enjoy them.

Awesome Bites Co. was born to make allergy friendly treats so delicious that they've been known to stop crying toddlers, while made with wholesome ingredients that most people can eat without worry and are healthy so you feel good about yourself after devouring a treat.

Growing up in my home, we showed love with food.  When we love you, we feed you. When our baby girl, Aurora, had her first allergic reaction to food, I was terrified and, silly as it may seem, I felt like I lost a tool to show love.  I spent hours at the grocery store reading labels, calling companies to check for cross contamination, and researching ingredients. I was disappointed. I was frustrated. Everything seemed to be cross contaminated and/or full of ingredients that no child should eat: sugar, shortening, chemicals and things I can’t pronounce.  Every time a product was made without eggs or milk or nuts, it just seemed to be replaced with things that I would never want my child to eat.

So I did the only thing I knew to do... I made Aurora food I could feel safe and proud about and that's the beginning of this journey: reinventing treats.


Meet the Super Muffins!



Hello there!

My name is Jennifer Thai & I'm Aurora's mommy, a baker in the wee hours of the morning & the Chief Officer of Awesome behind the Awesome Bites Company.

After 10 yrs in corporate America, I found my calling to make a difference in how we eat one muffin at a time. I've spent the past year perfecting these treats & a summer apprenticing at an artisan bakery to make these muffins a reality for all. 

I have a BA in Economics from Rice University, a MBA from Duke University, and I'm also a Certified Texas Food Manager and ServSafe Food Allergy certified.